The Fund

Fidelity Private Credit Fund

Current Income Solution from an Institutional-Quality Private Credit Provider

Where The Fund will focus?

The Fund will predominantly invest in directly originated loans made to U.S. middle and upper-middle market private companies — providing the capital investment these companies need to build their businesses.

How will the Fund’s investment process work?

The Fund will employ a bottom-up fundamental approach to build a high-quality portfolio — leveraging Fidelity’s vast proprietary credit and equity research platform to help our investment team make more informed investment decisions. 

Underwrite the sponsor

By maintaining selectivity and a diverse opportunity set of Private Equity firms

Underwrite the company

By independently validating a company’s ability to repay debt 

Industry analysis

By understanding each company’s competitive position as well as the industry’s outlook

Investment thesis

By thoroughly understanding each aspect of a company’s business operations

What is the Fund portfolio construction strategy?

The Fund seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns, primarily in the form of current income, by constructing a portfolio of loans across industries, geographies, sponsors, sub-sectors, and company sizes. 

Financial Advisors interested in Fidelity Private Credit Fund

If you are an individual investors, please reach out to your Financial Advisor.